Detalo Health Aps is founded in 2018 by Carsten Lundby and Jonas Bechlund. The purpose of the company is to bring Detalo devices to market for non-medical as well as medical purposes.

The blood volume measurement device was originally developed by DETALO INSTRUMENTS ApS in 2017 based on  a decade of experience with haemoglobin mass and blood volume assessments in humans using various techniques. Prior to the launch of the automated device, numerous different prototypes had been constructed and tested.  Today the Detalo Performance™ is the only CE approved device that can be used to determine haemoglobin mass in humans.

Preceding to the development of the Detalo we conducted scientific studies using manual methods. The main limitations associated with these methods is that the measurement outcome greatly dependends on the operator. The aim with the development of the Detalo was to reduce the likelihood for human errors by constructing a fully automated system which at the same time would allow for measurements of blood volumes with great precision and accuracy.

Company Address:

  • Detalo Health Aps

  • Skovrødvej 3 A, 3460 Birkerød

  • Denmark

Company Email:

  • contact(@)detalo-health.com

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