Detalo Blood Volume Analyzers

The Detalo Blood Volume Analyzer automatically measures total blood volume, red blood cell volume, and plasma volume in humans.

In 10 minutes, an accurate blood volume test can be completed at a level of 1.5-2% margin of error for the measurement.

The Detalo device is an electromechanical device that is covered by a stainless steel housing. It is connected to external supply of oxygen and carbon monoxide (CO) and the patients performs rebreathing by means an integrated rebreathing circuit. The patient mouthpiece and breathing circuit is separated by a single-use anti-bacterial filter. Additional anti-bacterial filters can be mounted on inlet port on the device for additional Covid-19 protection.

The device is operated by an external PC and comes with automised software to simplify, guide, and control the measurement process every step of the way. In normal use, no special skills are required to operate the device that can perform 3-5 measurements an hour at peak.

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Blood Volume Analysis used in Sports, Spaceflight, and Medicine

Performance Sports

Our devices are used to track hemoglobin volume as an indicator of the physiological capabilities of the human body. The hallmark of athletic performance is a high aerobic capacity which is directly related to the volume of red blood cells (hemoglobin) in the blood. Researchers and professional sports organization use the Detalo Performance™ to keep track of the training efficiency of athletes.


Our devices are also used by internal space agencies to evaluate the impact of zero gravity on long-duration spaceflights. Astronauts destined to be in space for weeks or months needs tools to evaluate their physical health and adapt training measure to keep their bodies healthy. For pre-mission research, the Detalo Performance™ are used for research on bedrest, for zero-gravity parabolic flights and Antarctica over-winter expeditions.

Medical and Clinical use

Current research indicates a massive impact of blood volume guided treatment for medical uses. Patients with heart failure, kidney diseases, cancer or in critical care will be getting much more accurate treatments and mortality rates will be significantly lower. The Detalo Clincal™ is expected to be approved by the EU and by the FDA during 2020.

Measurement of Blood Volume in 15 Minutes

Our blood volume measurement devices are based on the CO-rebreathing method and works according to these steps:

  1. Release CO for use (Manual release for double safety)
  2. Take a 1st blood sample from the patient
  3. Enter patient data to determine CO dose
  4. Connect patient to device system through mouth-piece
  5. Device performs oxygen-breathing for 1 minute
  6. Device applies CO dose and enters a re-breathing mode for 6-10 minutes
  7. Take a 2nd blood sample from the patient
  8. Disconnect patient and analyse blood samples using a blood gas analyser (not included)
  9. Enter blood sample results into Detalo software
  10. Print or save the calculated blood volume, plasma volume and red blood cell volume measurements from the Detalo software.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Efficient. There are no additional expensive test kits needed.
  • Non-radioactive. Measurements are based on CO rebreathing. No radioactive isotopes are used.
  • Quality & Safety. Devices have been designed with ongoing for safety and quality in the product
  • Cloud Intelligence. Devices are monitored by our cloud sevice to increase safety and avoid costly breakdowns.
  • Simplicity. Process guiding software allowing non-specialist to operate the device after being trained

High Precision Measurement

Blood volume measurements based on CO rebreathing is demonstrated to correlate closely to the “gold standard” radioactive labeling techniques for determining blood volumes. The CO method has a typical measurement error of 1.5–2% as reported by scientific studies.

Indicator-Dilution method

The blood volume measurement is based on the CO-rebreathing technique. It has been applied for more than 100 years and Detalo Health has automated the steps involved in assessing intravascular volume status. It is a classical indicator-dilution method which requires a very precise, known volume of CO to be administrated. Detalo Health has developed a patented CO delivery mechanism that is able to deliver the required volume of CO gas to the patient.  Based on the analysis of a blood sample before and after the administration of CO it is possible to calculate the total blood volume, plasma volume and red blood cell volume in a human being.

The measurement process is guided by a piece of PC software that helps the operator perform all steps involved in completing the task The software assists in determining the volume of CO to be administered to the patient and subsequently also performs the calculation of blood volume.

Blood Volume Test Cost

The blood volume measurement tests based on CO rebreathing are extremely cost-efficient in daily use. There are no incremental costs to each measurement than the basic cost of anti-bacterial filters, other consumables, and the purchasing of CO and O2 gas.

The Detalo blood volume test devices are highly competitive with any other blood volume measurement test in the world and far less expensive than methods based on dual isotope measurements.

Risk & Safety

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odourless, and tasteless gas that is slightly less dense than air. CO is toxic to humans as it binds to hemoglobin and thereby limits O2 transport to organs. A HbCO level of over 50% may result in seizure, coma, and fatality. (Link)

Hence, use of the Detalo devices contains risk of death, fire, bacterial infection and similar. Therefore, safety instructions and precautions should carefully be adhered to.

Using a Detalo device, HbCO levels rise from 0.5%-1.5% in non-smoking patients to between 2.5% and 9% depending on the dose. In comparison, studies have demonstrated that smoking cigarettes may raise HbCO levels up to 20-30% (link) WHO has a set of guidelines for carbon monoxide listed here.

The Detalo devices have been designed to minimize intoxication risks as much as possible:

  • A safety controller monitors the operation of valves and functionality at all times.
  • The period that valves are open to let in CO is limited to a maximum of 7 seconds
  • A manual button placed on the side of the Detalo which when pressed initiates a comprehensive testing function of all vital functioning must be activated before any CO may be administrated.
  • A separate security controller ensures safety in the Detalo hardware.

Strict guidelines increase safety:

  • The main CO source must be closed at all times a patient is connected to the blood volume analyzer.
  • The device must be inspected for damages or signs of wear and tear on a weekly basis.
  • The CO source must not contain more than 30 liters of pure (99.997%) CO.
  • Only 1-2 measurement must be performed per patient per 24 hours.
  • CO-rebreathing devices should not be used with children or pregnant woman

Informational purposes only. See instructions for all details. In case of inconsistencies, the manual always overrules description on this page.