Detalo Blood Volume Analyzers

The Detalo Blood Volume Analyzer automatically measures total blood volume, red blood cell volume, and plasma volume in humans.

In 15 minutes, an accurate blood volume test can be completed at a level of 1.5-2% margin of error for the measurement.

The Detalo device is an electromechanical device that is covered by a stainless steel housing. It is connected to external supply of oxygen and carbon monoxide (CO) and the patients performs rebreathing by means an integrated rebreathing circuit. The patient mouthpiece and breathing circuit is separated by a single-use anti-bacterial filter. Additional anti-bacterial filters can be mounted on inlet port on the device for additional Covid-19 protection.

The device is operated by an external PC and comes with automised software to simplify, guide, and control the measurement process every step of the way. In normal use, no special skills are required to operate the device that can perform 3-5 measurements an hour at peak.

Detalo Performance Product Shot