Company Information

We develop and market high-quality blood volume measurement devices and our mission is to facilitate blood volume guided interventions in medicine as well as in sports. 

Detalo Health is founded in 2018 by Carsten Lundby and Jonas Bechlund. Detalo is Esperanto for ‘detail’ and signifies the importance for precise and accurate blood volume measurements in science and in medical treatment, as well as our dedication to quality first work ethos.

The blood volume measurement device development started in 2015 based on a decade of experience with hemoglobin mass and blood volume assessments in humans using various techniques. Prior to the launch of the automated device, numerous different prototypes had been constructed and tested.  Today the Detalo Performance™ is the only CE approved device that can be used to determine hemoglobin mass in humans.​ The first edition of the blood volume measurement device has formerly been known as the “OpCO”.

Carsten LundbyCEO
Carsten Lundby is an internationally renowned scientist who has published +200 scientific articles. He has held professorships at the Universities of Zürch and Copenhagen and currently at the University of Lillehammer. Carsten is a specialist in human integrative physiology and on how humans adapt to external stimuli such as exercise training, altitude, heat and bed rest exposure. Patient work includes studies on kidney disease. The main focus of research is the regulation and assessment of blood volume in humans. Carsten is a member of several editorial boards for scientific journals and serves on international commissions.

Carsten is an active weekend athlete and defies wind and weather more than 350 days of the year.

Jonas BechlundManaging Director
Jonas has a background in executive management, business strategy, digital media, and technology. He is the Co-founder of several startups with significant international exposure and former strategic advisor to global large-cap companies. Jonas holds a MSc degree in business administration and computer science and an Executive MBA from the Copenhagen Business School.

Jonas is a keen road bike cyclist and enjoys an intense training session after a long day of work.