Demonstration Program

Advancing Science

Research and scientific methodology is an integrated part of our core values and is important to our mission. Through research we believe medical specialist could advance knowledge in the field of blood volume guided treatment to the benefit of patients and society of the future. We aim for scientific insights and knowledge to help experts update the guidelines on treatment of critical diseases.

At Detalo Health we support research that seeks to advance the guidelines on blood volume guided treatment based on clinical evidence and within in everyday clinical flows.

We therefore offer our  demonstration program to scientists in which the Detalo blood measurement device can be borrowed, free of charge, for a period of up do 2 months. As of today, this programme only covers the non-medical, CE marked version of the Detalo.

This offer applies to recognised research organisations and hospitals and is dependant on our availability of Detalo devices reserved for this purpose. Geographic restrictions may also apply.

Please contact us at for more information.